Beyond Curriculum

Some Special Programs for Parents

Parents Conferred with the Feel Proud cards for the Good Work Done by their Children

Every year, Parents are invited to a special Feel Proud card Conferral ceremony where the child and his parents, jointly receive from the school the Feel Proud cards as a reward to the acts of goodness done by the student.

Book Boom- A Mother Managed Programme

The Mothers of students of all classes were invited to run and manage the entire programme. The mothers browsed the books along with the students and imbibed in them the desire to read books. Also, they shared with children the quick tips to select good books. The objective was to partner parents in the functioning of school programmes as well as capitalise on the fact that children will be more free and comfortable in the presence of their Mothers. It was a great success.

Coffee with CCE – An Interface between School and Parents

This is a new concept which is introduced recently to come little closer to parents and is well accepted and welcomed by the parents that the school has made it a great efforts. With so many new progressive reforms being introduced by CBSE; this short, warm session makes sure that school and parents understand the new reforms by CBSE and those parents are encouraged to volunteer for the Parent Advocates for CCE programme by CBSE. The objective was to create an interface between the school and the parents. Parents are informed regarding academic changes being introduced by CBSE under CCE and the changes introduced by the school.

Parents Invited to Join the Video-Conferences with Students

Parents are invited to be part of discussion forums through Video Conferences. Parents and Grandparents of our students recently joined two sessions- UN Day for Older Persons and Co-Existence with our neighbouring countries.

Celebration of Catch-a-Smile Day! – Parents do Online Voting for the catch-a-Smile Day Inter-House Photography Competition

There is also a unique Inter-House Photography Competition ‘Catch-a Smile’ where Shemians (Students Of Shemford) are found to be catching smiles of the grandparents. The Best Smiling Picture is chosen through an online voting by parents on the school website.

Brunch with Shemians Session for Parents- Children Served Self Cooked Brunch ( Learnt in the School) to their Parents

Parents are invited to Shemians food Club which serves a platter of exotic dishes, which many of their parents would taste for the first time as they invite their parents to a foodie session- Brunch with Shemians. It is a treat to the five senses of the parents who indulge their taste-buds in this culinary fete. Parents are swept off the carpet and remark "Thanks to the royal hospitality showered.”

Parents Are Invited to Join National Movement- Transforming Indians to Transform India

In the month of August when we all Indians stay busy with the Independence Day Celebration, we take this golden opportunity to invite all our parents to be the part of National Festival: One Nation Reading Together Programme; many a Shemians and teachers read the book. The parents are invited to take part in the Family Quiz based upon the book and drive this national movement more significantly. Parents proactively accepted school’s invitation to join this global movement of instilling values in children. Many Shemians Families Register for this family Quiz!

Parents Invited to Share their children’s Farewell Day

Show-n-Tell A Home School Partnership Project

Show-n-Tell is essentially a Home School Partnership project where parents and children think together of something new to share with the class once a week. Parents prepare the children with anything special to them; it can be a piece of poem, a new song leant at home, a new book that the parents have gifted, a new toy, children’s favourite game and numerous such things or acts.

Parent Orientation Programmes for New Parents

In order to enable parents to view education in the same perspective as does the school so that together they would be able to offer the child a secure environment towards his holistic development, new parents are oriented with the school’s educational philosophy and its expectations from them. The objective behind is to ensure a smooth ongoing process of learning with maximum parental involvement.

Mother and Daughter Programmes

To Equip and Aware Mothers and daughters Regarding the Biological Developments and Puberty in Growing age.

Celebration of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

Students organize Art Exhibition for parents

Parents bought designed goodies of students!

Special Awards for Parents Parents who show support to the school and contribute to the execution and implementation of school programmes are awarded during the Annual Day Function of the school, every year.

Students’ Social Responsibility

We call ourselves a school with a soul-where it’s more important to be ‘good’ rather than just be ‘smart’; where the definition of success is to be able to DO MORE for the world that it does for you. The years gone by have seen us move closer to our societal objective of taking on the responsibility of the larger world around us. We have been consistently channelizing our children’s innate abilities to make positive contributions to the well being of their peers, family & community. This in turn will help us enhance their sense of identity. On the same premise we have conceptualized the SSR- the Student Social Responsibility. Our Delfites are aware that they are not helpless beneficiaries of society. Rather they look at themselves as change agents.

We endeavour to enable in every Shemians an awareness and appreciation of NOT ONLY their RIGHTS but their DUTY equally. The projects close to our heart:
School’s work with the community Undertaken during year 2016 - 2017