School Club


Quiz Club

Knowledge is power and it’s a fact that only power rules the World. The Quiz club of our school believes in this and tries to help the students to enhance their skill in all possible ways. It aims to expand general awareness and hone the skill of drawing rational inferences. It intends to empower the students with knowledge and create interest and curiosity to collect information related to different fields and aspects of life. It aims to bring to light something new and interesting every time. Tries to provide facts related to general knowledge and information regarding current affairs of national and international importance. So every week classes are conducted to enhance the general knowledge of the students and for this purpose regular quiz competitions are conducted at various levels and selected students are prepared for interschool competition at the state, national and international level.

Nature Club

Exploring nature is a real delight. So our club offers a fun learning experience which will kindle a life – long love of nature. Activities of this club are conducted throughout the year focusing on different themes at different stages.
This club is a Co-curricular activity with a mission. So it offers opportunities to learn, to develop skills, use talents and have fun. As a mission it attempts to make them enjoy and care for nature. It attempts to spread awareness about the environment and undertake activities to nurture and help the environment to generate.
It gives the students the experience of trekking, rock climbing, ornithology and anything close to nature through various programmes. It is open to anyone who is interested in exploring nature. Each of programmes is an awakening and students experience the call of the wild.
It is committed to maintain and preserve the lands and waterways and conservation. So it believes that fun element is necessary to have meaningful and sustained contribution by the students to the conservation efforts. Learning from nature and creating a pollution free earth is the main intention. Students create awareness about Global problems. On environment day we conduct competitions to create awareness pertaining to our environment.

Our Objectives

• To promote interest and knowledge about wildlife, forests and environment among us.
• To foster concern to protect the flora and fauna and undisturbed examples of the state’s natural heritage.
• To increase awareness of the economic, cultural, scientific and aesthetic values of fauna and flora.
• To provide opportunities to acquire attitudes, values and skills needed to protect and improve the natural environment.

Interact Club

It acts as a bridge between the school and the society and aims to inculcate the values of caring and sharing among the students. It is associated with Rotary club. It inculcates Social values among the students. They are physically and emotionally involved with the elderly, the sick and the needy.

Literary Club

It has taken the mantle of providing vent to students desiring to express themselves by way of elocution, debates, creative writing, story writing etc. there by acquiring knowledge by way of frequent discourses and discussions. We organize competitions in extempore, speeches, debates, Symposia, Quizzing at various levels. School has helped this club to live up to the expectations for which it was set up.


NSS of our school functions effectively with a student strength of 25. It aims at education through community service 2 trained faculty members are rendering their service as programme officers. Volunteers are enrolled from classes 11. A student who has completed 240 hours of work and attended a special camp is eligible for N.S.S. certificate from the Mahatma Gandhi University. This gives weight age to higher studies and is an additional qualification for appointment in public service. Our NSS unit is functioning in a very satisfactory way by making the students socially committed and helping them to understand their citizenship roles properly. It aims at education through community service. It helps the students.
• To work with and among the people.
• To engage in creative and constructive social action.
• To enhance one’s knowledge of oneself and the community through a confrontation of reality.
• To gain skills in exercise of democratic leadership.
• To gain skills in programme development.

Photography Club

It aims at inculcating the aesthetic sense of our students. It has 8 student members and ably supported by 4 staff members. This club takes the responsibility of snapping all the day today small functions and competitions held at the school. It maintains an album which covers all the photos.

Academic Ethos

The Shemford Futuristic School academic ethos focuses on encouraging the students to utilise their talents, and develop their intellectual and creative interests so that they remain interesting and interested young men and women for the rest of their professional and personal lives. The students need to understand their own culture and history, as well as their own geographical, scientific and spiritual theory and language. The school’s academic environment is constructed such that the students are able to develop their knowledge and interest in these areas in an international context and around the global world in which they are born and will live.
Students at The Shemford Futuristic School are expected to be independent thinkers, develop first class critical reading, writing and analysis skills, learn to understand the value of research across all areas of the curriculum and be self-motivated and self-driven through a genuine love of the subject and not only by intrinsic rewards. Students should be aware of other students’ weaknesses and strengths and be able to develop an understanding for them. Service and an understanding of each other’s cultural backgrounds and religions is a crucial aspect of academic and wider life at The Shemford Futuristic School.

Reporting and Progress

The school has a ‘test week’ each term and end of term examinations called ‘trials.’ The results of these appear on each boy’s report which is available to his parents. The report also features a detailed look at each boy’s co-curricular interests and achievements. Full reports are provided each term. At the termly PTM’s parents receive a detailed progress on their son’s/daughter’s individual subject choices and also his wider emotional and physical development. Housemasters/Housemistress write end of term letters and the school’s intranet is updated several times a week with news and updates of a group and individual nature to all parents. There is also an academic system of warning students about under performance as well as achievement and effort prizes given through the year and culminating at the school’s annual Prize Giving Day. Tutors meet the students several times a week in their very small tutor group, where academic progress and individual and group advice, study skills, mentoring and support are given. Parents also are able to email their son’s individual subject teacher as well as their son’s tutor and Housemaster for advice and support. There is a clear communication structure laid out in the termly calendar which shows who parents should contact about what aspect of their son’s/daughter’s life.