Admission Details

Admission criteria and procedures

Shemford Futuristic School accepts students regardless of gender, race, religion and/or nationality as long as they are of the required age, able to access the school programmes with limited assistance and satisfy all admissions requirements.
All students who are admitted to Shemford Futuristic School are required to follow the school offered curriculum/programmes.
Shemford Futuristic School reserves the right to not disclose to any applicant/parents and/or guardians reasons for non acceptance.

Tours and Information Sessions.

Information sessions are usually held in December of the preceding year. These include information on curriculum and a school tour. Tours are usually conducted by the Deputies of Primary/Secondary and last approximately one and a half hours.
As a general practice, non scheduled visits/tours are not conducted as these interrupt the daily routine of the students. Shemford Futuristic School, however, realizes that situations occur whereby families may be unable to attend scheduled Information Sessions. In some cases, such as families visiting from overseas and who are on tight schedules, tours may be arranged but these must be booked in advance.

Admissions Policy :

1. Admission Procedures

1. Submit a completed Application Form. If submitting applications for more than one child, you will need to submit an application form for each child. Incomplete applications cannot be considered.

2. The following documents must be submitted before an application will be considered:
• A non-refundable testing fee (if places are available. This fee, is not paid until places become available).
• A certified copy of birth certificate.
• 3 recent passport- size photographs.
• A copy of family book.
• Medical Form.
• Immunization records.
• Official school reports or transcripts from the current school for the current year and the last two years.
• For all secondary applicants: A confidential Student Reference Forms (Counsellor, Math, English) from current class room teacher, Principal or Headmaster are required. This form must be returned directly to the Shemford Futuristic School in a marked and sealed envelope or emailed directly to the Admission’s Officer at •
3. Once the application and documents have been received, parents of students who are under consideration will be contacted to arrange for an interview and/or written test if places are available and if a test is offered.
• All students who are eligible will be tested for proficiency in English and Mathematics prior the interview.
• Tests will take place on a set day and a set time and are the responsibility of the Deputy Head of School.
4. Unsuccessful students’ parents are notified by email.
5. Interviews will be organized with the Head of School or Deputy Head of School.
6. The Head of the School or Deputy will review all documents, assess suitability and make recommendations.
7. Recommendations are shared with Curriculum Coordinator and/or Director.
8. Applicants will be notified of their acceptance status in by phone and/or email once all interviews and/or written tests have been completed.
9. Acceptance will be confirmed on receipt of the tuition fee (within 10 days after the notification). The applicant will be asked to confirm acceptance and the student’s place will be held for 10 days after which time payment of the relevant fees must been made or IAA reserves the right to offer the place to another student on the waiting list.
10. Official acceptance letters are issued to new students.

Note — Shemford Futuristic School reserves the right to accept or deny entrance into the Academy without giving reasons. The decision of the Director is considered final.

2. Scholarship program

The Board of Shemford Futuristic School has defined three levels of scholarship award: financial assistance, academic excellence and sport. All scholarships are subject to annual review and dependent on applicants continuing to satisfy the requirements as well as an annual resubmission of required documentation and/or application.
The Board decides the number and type of scholarships to be awarded for any academic year. This is normally done at the first Board meeting closest to admissions opening for the following year. The Board reserves the right to award or not award any scholarship and on any basis. The Board may decide to award full or partial scholarships.

Recipients of the Scholarship must meet the following criteria:

1. Superior academic achievement as defined by the Board of Directors.
2. Demonstrated involvement in community leadership, participation and service.
3. Enrolled in Grades 6-11.
4. Demonstrated proficiency in English.
5. Recommended by both the Principal of the School the student attends, and a member of the community who is aware of the student’s involvement in the community.

Each application shall include the following documents:

• Completed application form
• Certified birth certificate/document
• Certified school records for the last two years
• Essay
• A letter of recommendation from the Principal of the School attended by the student
• A letter of recommendation from a community member
• Documents attesting to the applicant’s involvement in community
participation and extra-curricular activities

A standardised achievement test will be given by the school to selected students, following which the Shemford Futuristic School Scholarship Committee will interview strong candidates. The Board of Directors will select the scholarship recipients. The Shemford Futuristic School will announce the recipients prior to the beginning of the next academic year.

The Scholarship covers tuition fees only.

Applications and documentation are to be submitted to Admissions at time of application for place or re-registration Scholarship Forms.