School History

School History

Since the time immemorial Bardhhaman, the district headquarter, always reminds us of its rich historical legacy in the arena of education, industries, agriculture and of course the fusion culture of the different communities which encompasses broader outlook in the minds of the people. The people of the city from the then was relentlessly looking forward to a better education system which will truly suffice their need and will quench their thirst for true schooling through the instruction of English which has certainly become a radar to communicate globally.

Mr.Ardhendu Mondal, one of the business icons, a rising star, who has a long desire to set up an English Medium School in Bardhhaman which will stand like a North Star, ushering and guiding the correct path in pursue of academic excellence. With collaboration of his own thoughts and ideas , he has established the SHEMFORD FUTURISTIC SCHOOL, in Bardhhaman, a school for the next generation, a school which manifest the very essence of a quality school.

Mr.Ardhendu Mondal is a man of clear perception and views, and a man of strong conviction. This school is open to all categories of people who wish to opt for admission for their budding kids. His generosity has reached another milestone in noble pursuit. Children in few numbers of the underprivileged society who are meritorious, hardworking and are dare to dream, are always welcomed without any financial burden. There is no greater than education. There is no better investment that the individual, parents, and the nation can make than an investment in education of the highest possible quality. Today we live in a time of rapid change—change that is often not predictable, and not always positive. The best way to manage change, whether positive or negative is to anticipate it and prepare for it.

As advocates of perfect vision, we draw inspiration from men and women like Rabindranath Tagore, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa and etc. who have changed the course of history. They are individuals who dared to dream big, change agents who led by example.

But education comes in many forms, and has been used for many purposes. An education for success in the modern world must be enabling and it must be outward looking. It must not only teach the time tested skills of reading, writing, and mathematics, which remain important, and must not only build on India’s fine tradition of encouraging students to master more than one language. Today’s students need to learn to use computers. The ability to use communication and information technology is now a critical part of the learning, as well as an essential qualification for eventual application in the workplace.

But even this is not enough. There are two more dimensions of education for the modern world about which we would like to make a few remarks. The first relates to inquisitiveness, critical thinking, and problem solving. What students know is no longer the most important measure of the quality of education. The true test is the ability to engage with what they do not know, and to work out a solution. The second dimension involves the ability to reach conclusions that constitutes the basis for informed judgements. The ability to make judgements that are grounded in solid information, and employ careful analysis should be one of the most important goals for any educational endeavour. As students develop this capacity, they can begin to grapple with the most important and difficult step: to learn to place such judgements in an ethical framework. Therein lies the formation of the kind of social consciousness that our world so desperately needs.

We hasten to add that these capacities cannot be developed quickly, nor can they be mastered at the high school level. But a beginning must be made, and starting this process should be part of the mission of this institution.

Yet another reason why the opening of the Shemford Futuristic School today is so important. It is because of taking the task of grooming every kid to the top-notch level to serve the nation in a better and meaningful way as when they reach into a complete adulthood.